Friday, September 17, 2004

Willed out of life

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I picked up the woman. Open to anything. She'd got a child. No trouble. In the way a bit.. but no trouble.

Didn't want a divorce. No choice. Liz had had enough.

She got a divorce as well. 1980. No peace after that.

Talked me into paying off the land. Grange Farm. All hers.

What have I landed in?

Pity Liz divorced me.
Push, push, push. It's all push.

Thought I might have landed on my feet. Wrong.

No sons left now. Only one daughter. Other one tried..came to my wedding reception..disgusted by it all. Kissed her on the lips. I said she was my sister. 'Bikes' across the room. Her. Them. Didn't seem to matter. Floating above it all. Rosie on my knee. Jiggling. Lost my daughter that day. Other one gone away. Wouldn't come. I could see that. End of daughter. At least one.

Big man now. Don't need daughters. Younger one still here.

She won't give in.


Back soon. Not gone yet. I have not gone yet.

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