Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Don't get murdered in Moss

It looks as if the old widow has at last come into money. The graves of her infant twins and her husband who variously died of congestive heart failure or, (as she told the doctors and nurses who obliged her, by killing my father), cancer, are suddenly marked. The first picture - below - shows the headstone and the rush of flowers which their grave also seems to have received, when there were none before.

The whole cemetary was over grown and there was no sign of flowers other than those on graves with new headstones.

The twins dropped into life - and out again - on 21st January 1958, at Haggs Farm, Fenwick. So they didn't have far to travel to their burial. Just down Fenwick Common Lane.

They have lain in the cold ground, unmarked ever since they died, within a few hours of their birth, such a short time after Herbert was persuaded to give them his name. He married Nina Anne Hipworth (now Nina Anne Clayton, murderer of my father, Ralph Winstanley), 23rd November 1957, in Bradford.

Their colourful names - Delphine and Chiquita - speak of their provenance.

After that long wait, when even two years ago, they still had no headstone - and nor did Herbert who died in 2001 - they suddenly seem to have been remembered.

All three deaths are now marked. Isn't that amazing? Perhaps Nina Anne Clayton got a special deal from the florist? Lots of flowers to show where Ralph's coffin - if not his body - was dumped, and a free headstone for the other relatives?

Either that or the widow has come into money. The only other alternative is that one of the boyfriends has paid. But that seems unlikely.

Of course it could be an outside chance that the lovely reverend Eve has put her hand in her own pocket, because her close friend, (and former neighbour), Nina is such a good customer? But I can't see that either. Christian Charity isn't what it was - and it was always a pretty cold affair.

The lower picture (above), shows a swathe of flowers covering the ground, which is attached to the headstone for Lucy Addison, who died on 4th August 1989.

There is no indication that the coffin of Ralph Winstanley might have landed there. However, I'm told that beneath those flowers is where it was dumped just before dawn on 11th October 2005.

The only witnesses to that dumping were the gravediggers and the undertaker's men - or so I'm told.

If you want a flashy funeral, the moral is, don't get murdered in Moss.

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