Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poor Old Widow Mare

The Old Widow seems now to have been taken over by someone else. Some 'business associate' so I'm led to believe. Though the information also presupposed that this person was more than just a 'business associate'. But who can say? Perhaps the Old Widow will write in?

When the old mare is worn out, there is little evidence of the 'source of wear'.

What is certain though is that the old mare is having a pretty thin time of it.

Perhaps viewing the old mare as a country which has been at least 'annexed' by a dubious foreign power, might fit the bill?

It certainly looks as if the knacker's yard is her next port of call. Looks as if she has overstretched herself, doesn't it? Poor old mare!

Won't be taking a collection for her though. Not much point really. She keeps giving it all away.

And I truly believe that such profligacy should not be rewarded.

But when her stable and exercise yard are 'at risk' as well, well that is a pity.

Let's have a chorus:

Poor Old Mare
Poor Old Mare
Time to go
Time to go
Poor Old Mare
Poor Old Mare
Time for the knacker to come

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