Saturday, October 19, 2013

Goats out to pasture? - Poor lonely old dear.

The old goats are being put out pasture, a bent-pin copper here a loophole lawyer there, a sleep-working  judge or two.. and what will poor Nina do then?

Is she still finding ways to to keep the next generation onside? If so, how?

She seems to be driving her 'ponies' now rather than riding them, but she was never too good at that, was she?  Drummed out of the hunt.. sliding sideways from numerous solicitors.. brassing it out where possible.

But still, she really shouldn't have organised her husband's death, should she?
After all he hadn't been dying, had he?
She really shouldn't have been so desperately keen for widowhood.

But there.. if you're keen.. then you're keen.
'Go for it', she must have thought.
So she went for it.
Threw all his clothes out.. Emptied every cupboard.
Contacted the undertaker first.
Called Kevin Lee to dispose of him. Pliant, he was. Pliant.
So she scored there.. didn't she?
Then there were the 'tears' - poor acting - but poor acting is good enough for most.

More information? Look here: 

Leaving home it seems is probably her best alternative.. bags packed.. door locked.
Of course the door - by attachment - is probably rotten.
The sadly maligned dogs in her yard are still howling out the killing.

And there she is: 
'Claimer of Other People's Goods'
'Finisher of Husbands'.. 
'Slapper to the Hunt' .. 
'Hunter to the Death' .. 
'Tolerated Low Life to Judges and Solicitors'
'Lost Acquaintance of the Police' ..
'Sad, Friendless - and probably lonely - Old Woman'..
'Killer and Liar'..

 Always looking in on life from the outside .. where really she can't possibly belong 

Poor Old Dear.

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