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Reviewing the start and the years between

Back in the days when she set out to murder Ralph Winstanley, Nina Clayton seemingly had some reassurance - from somewhere - which led her to believe that she would not be jailed for murder. I might have given you a link to her Facebook page, but seemingly her face has fallen from the book. I do hope it did not crack too badly as it landed.

Except that it still appears here:
Nice picture of murderous Mother Nina and Daughter Kerry - at the circus? This really is very appropriate.

Of course all individuals grow old and fall into retirement or their graves.. so perhaps that is the reason why she is growing more worried? Wrongdoers always have things about which to worry, which is a pity

It is far harder for her to 'persuade' people to keep quiet, when age has crept up on her and on them. Someone retired or dying of cancer, is far less worried about telling what has happened, than he/she formerly was. Someone dead, cannot protect any more. Old women do not have the same 'kudos' as those who can still put it about. All they have to work on, at that point, is their brass neck.. and that neck will be growing wrinkly now.

Daughter Rosemary Alice Cheesman who - together with her husband Fraser Cheesman - helped to bring about this killing, is of course a little younger, than her Mother. When Nina finally dies, will Rosemary still be safe from jail? Will Fraser? They certainly showed themselves to be very keen on the death, at the time it was happening.

Fraser, was chief drug fetcher, who even packed his children into the car, 'one dressed in a duvet', as he went from one chemist to another determinedly fetching Diamorphine, Haloperidol and Midazolam.  He even hurried out into the garden to meet Ralph's Grandson, so that he could get him to threaten Ralph's elder daughter on the day before the killing finally succeeded. Didn't work, of course.. but then, 'once a failure always a failure'. Is Fraser still using the equipment from Ralph's younger son?

And what of elder daughter, Kerry Evans? From the way she carefully avoided Ralph Winstanley's home during the six days and nights it took to kill him, she certainly seemed to be aware of what was happening in that house. However - as you can see from the photographs - the years have not been kind. It is difficult to believe that this is he same person who rode up and down the road outside the house where Ralph Winstanley was being killed; offered sympathy to Ralph's two daughters, and then rushed into the back garden following his death, in order to help her 'grieving' mother drink gin (so I was informed by their close 'friend') to celebrate the death.

And close friend, Debbie Unsworth who seems to be so 'thick' with the family, that she is linked to Kerry on Facebook - dressed as a Christmas robin -  in spite of saying that she was 'frightened of them'. Has she recovered after all this time, from the killing, which she seemingly booked her seat to watch? Appearing like a limpet, she stuck close by her close friend Nina Clayton, watching (and approving?) as Nina produced a series of nasty photographs of her dying husband, in order to further distress his younger daughter.

As she drank gin with them all, after the death, she must surely have been in a congratulatory mood?

After all, the 'old feller' who had waited for his daughters, was dead - Jackpot!

However, it is pretty clear from what his daughters were told, late on the day that he died, that there had been a fair element of passing off.. over the years.
So that no-one can be in any doubt about who Ralph Winstanley's daughters are, this is a photograph of Ralph, with both of them.

Nina Clayton had her daughters when she was still married to Herbert Clayton and it seems that at least one was his. For some reason though he was close to Kerry, he refused to accept Rosemary, even to the point of refusing point blank to make any speech at her Wedding reception. He spoke to us of 'wardrobes', linking them - for some reason - to the arrival of the one so blackguarded by him at her wedding. It certainly wouldn't have been a nice way for a 'parent' to have acted towards a 'daughter', would it? .

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